Privacy is Over

I mentioned real quickly on my last post that in my younger days I would have been in a lot of trouble if a select few people in my life had access to this spyware app and had control of my phone. I really don’t like the direction that things are going in in regards to our privacy and the prevalence of smart phones out there today is mind boggling. I can’t even imagine what life was like without having a smart phone on you at all times, let alone not having a phone at all.

I really think that I would have appreciated these times much more and am actually pretty envious of our parents generation who grew up without the ability to be in contact with whoever you want whenever you want.

The days of any sort of privacy are dwindling and I am afraid for what this is going to turn into in the years to come. Think about how much all of this has advanced exponentially in the past ten years and think about how much crazier it is going to get in the next 20. As all of these smart phones become more advanced you know the software to spy on these devices is going to grow right along with it.

I am not on board with this idea whatsoever.

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