Kind of going off the same topic as yesterday in regards to privacy being over, I think things like these spyware apps are a huge reason relationships seem so difficult to find and maintain these days. I think this is the result of a number of different factors and it really is a shame. The way things are going I really only see things getting much worse and it is terrifying. I have no idea what I would do if I didn’t have my girlfriend Amanda already. I could never imagine entering the dating scene again with all of this stuff going on and just getting worse by the day, making access to someone’s private information and space easier than ever.


I think it is pretty obvious why things like these droid spyware apps can be detrimental to relationships, but I think the ease and the absolute necessity of cell phones in itself is hurting relationships. Back in the day during our parents generations and before that you had to go through A LOT to get in touch with somebody.

Could you imagine having to call someone’s house phone just to talk to a girl that you have a crush on? Think even before that, when there were no phones and what you would have to do to make a relationship work. Now it’s as easy as reaching into your pocket and immediately contacting any person you know and you can do so with as many people as you wish. It is far too easy to reach out to people and I think it is hurting relationships.

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