Oh What Could Have Been??

Yesterday I talked about how I think all these smart phones and just technology in general has had detrimental effects on relationships for a number of reasons, and today I am going to talk about the more obvious reasons things like these spyware apps can be absolute life ruiners.

I really hate the fact that between facebook and the internet you can pretty much look up anyone that you have known in your life and with the click of a button reach out, and see what could have been. Luckily for me I have been in a very healthy and perfect relationship with my girlfriend so this really isn’t something that I have to worry about anymore, but from personal experiences that I am not proud of I can testify just how easy it is.

Back when I was a dirtbag, I will be the first to admit that I have definitely looked up a few women from my high school and reached out to them through Facebook and it could not have been easier. One of my ex-girlfriends from high school was living in the town that I lived in and I made the attempt to patch things up and grab some dinner with her. Long story short we got dinner, then drinks, and I will spare you the details but we ended up back at my place at the end of the night.

Great, right?

Wrong. She decided to wait until the morning to tell me that she had been dating someone for the past 5 months and that we need to keep this under wraps. Needless to say that was the last time I have spoken to her.

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