The Obvious

Now that you see where I am coming from when I say that technology in general has ruined relationships, I can talk a little bit about what this whole page is supposed to be about. We all know what these spyware apps were made for and it is no secret. These were developed so programmers could make a fortune off of insecure partners, which very well may be warranted by the way, and those who want to know what their significant others have been up to and who they have been talking to.

I have personally never used any of these things because I think they are horrible and is just one step closer to eliminating any sense of privacy, but I definitely have some friends who have them installed on their phones so they can spy on their girlfriends.

Want to know what the best part of that is? I do not have 1 friend that has found anything to incriminate their significant others which is what surprises me the most. If you feel the need to have some of this software I am assuming you are pretty sure that your partner is cheating on you or something very obvious, which I do understand in some sense. But if you don’t find anything shady within a couple of days I think you can be safe to assume your fears were unwarranted and you can uninstall the stuff immediately.

I don’t know what these guys are hoping to find and I think it is a way for them to find what they kind of want to see, in a weird way. Why else would you be so determined to use this??

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