How Can This Stuff Even Exist?

So there is an interesting story going on in the world today and I think it pertains to my page pretty closely and I find it extremely fascinating. It goes a little bit deeper than ruining relationships and if you haven’t heard, the FBI or government got a hold of one of the terrorist’s cell phones that were involved in the horrific San Bernardino attacks that took place on Dec. 14. You would think with all of the spyware and other software that is openly available to the public that the government would most certainly have no problem getting into whatever they wanted to on the phone and could do what they wish with it, right?

Well as it turns out, they apparently can’t do it and are pleading with Apple for a form of software that would allow them to unlock and access the phone. How is it that all any old Joe Shmo has to do is go online and pay a few dollars for some spyware apps that gives them the ability to spy on other people’s phones, but the United States Government does not have the technology or ability to unlock an iPhone?

I really don’t see how this is possible and I just cannot buy the fact that they don’t have this ability. I guess it does make me feel better in some sort of sense though that they don’t just go around hacking people’s phones all day, right?

I don’t know though. There is something fishy about this story that just doesn’t add up in my book.

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